Pedrya Seymour – Definitely a 2016 Olympic Standout


Pedrya Seymour is definitely a 2016 Olympic standout. This young lady, a former 400m hurdler began running the 100m hurdles in April of this year. She has since broken the national record 4 times in this first season. Her lastest Drop in time was at the Rio Olympics semi finals where she shattered her previous record for a new National record of 12.64. The record breaking began with her being the first Bahamian female to run under thirteen (13) seconds There has been marked improvement since Nationals to the new record. Pedrya became the first Bahamian to make it to an Olympic finals in the hurdles and going with the third best time after her second place finish in the semifinals. We congratulate her for her stellar performance yesterday. Cheers to Pedrya Saymour.