BAAA President Address Media Luncheon


The inaugural BAAA President’s Media luncheon, was well received by the press, as they thanked the president for her candour. All of the media houses showed up for this initiative and applauded the effort to account to the wider community on the strides made by the federation. The new executive team took office some 9 months ago and a number of the proposed transformational concepts have made progress.

Most notable is the constitution reform committee’s work which the federation hopes will be ratified at this year’s annual general meeting. The constitution changes are required by the IAAF of all member federations who wish to stay in good standing. The relaunch of the federation’s website and other social media tools were highlighted. The Arise program that earned a $15,000.00 grant from the IDB  also took center stage in the president’s official communication.

Team travel and successes were delineated and BAAA policy and partnerships with the BOC and IAAF were explained in depth. The protection and advancement of the Federations coaches and athletes is paramount and central to federation’s existence and mandate.

Mrs. Carey also alluded to initial steps being made for the federation to expand its fund raising and self help programs. Merchandising and a proposed BAAA online store was mentioned. This idea though not birthed at the Executive and Council Member’s Conclave was advanced in that forum. The conclave which had a number of notable guest speakers was brought to the attention of the media. The applause of media and stamp of approval was evident as they engaged the president in the question  and answer segment of the event.

The luncheon was held at the Exuma Room of the British Colonial Hilton on September 2nd 2016 at 1pm.